Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mom and Dad's wedding picture 1945
Dad and Carly at the Rainbow School 1999
Last week Carly, my daughter, went to visit Grandpa in the hospital. Dad and Carly have been very close since the day she came home from China. There was an instant bond and my Dad has loved her dearly ever since that day. They had spent many hours together playing and I am sure that she has been one of the highlights of his life (Along with the other grandchildren, of course.).

Carly was quite upset the whole time she was there and just buried her face in our sides. She wanted to tell Grandpa, in a loving way with a little tongue in cheek, that she would marry a nice Jewish boy. This is what Grandpa advised her, in a half serious way, in the past. With me as her spokesman, the message was communicated to my unconscious father. Carly seemed happy that this was accomplished. Carly will always be with you in spirit Dad. She loves you very much.

More photos

Dad in 1940
Mom's portrait 1928

Pictures up to 1950

Dad's mom and dad, Joseph and Fannie in Poland 1905

Visit to hospital 7/25/09

Yesterday, Rich, Anita and I went to see Dad in the ICU where he has been for 2 weeks. He is on a ventilator, a feeding tube going directly into the stomach, 4 intravenous machines, a heart catheter, computer monitor and a device to increase blood circulation in his legs. Despite that device, he now has a blood clot in one leg and both arms. These cannot be treated with blood thinners because the doctors are concerned that they might start the bleeding in his head again. This is a greater concern, at this time. He moves his right arm in a repetitive way touching his forehead. The nurse had to tie a small pillow to his hand to prevent him from disturbing the breathing tube. We talked to Dad but there was no response. His eyes did not open once. The nurse says that he is in a "medium range" coma, on the Glasgow Coma Scale.

Danny had brought in some CD's with Dad's favorite music. The hospital has a Bose radio-CD player right there with the rest of the hospital equipment, in his room. The Hackensack Medical Center is rated one of the 50 best hospitals in the USA. Everything they do shows this. The care is very professional and quite personal. There is no doubt he is in the right place.

We left a 10:30PM. Our thoughts and hearts are with you, Dad.

Please try to refrain from calling me. I can't handle all the calls and still am trying to run our business. Dad wanted the business to go on.