Monday, July 27, 2009

Mom 1940 Dad always used to tell us that every time he hung Mom's picture up on his locker, in the army, it was stolen. People thought she was a "Pin-up girl".
This is Carly, grandpa's granddaughter. I wanted to say how much I will miss the world's best grandpa. He was more than just a grandpa to me, he was also my best friend and my role model. My grandpa has always been a fighter when it came to overcoming obstacles in his life and would never give up in whatever he believed in, even if it came down to a bitter fight in the end. I love that about him, and I bet if you looked around for another man on this earth like my grandpa, you would realize that my grandpa is a pretty special person. Not only was he a courageous fighter, but he also had a heart that gave so much love to other people. Ive been told that when I came home from China, grandpa was the first person I connected with. My mom always tells me that she can still remember me and grandpa dancing in that hallway, looking as if I had known him my whole life, even though my life was just beginning. He has been in my life, since the very first time I came to America, and even though he is gone I will always remember him and keep him close to my heart. I love you grandpa, and may you rest in peace.
Dad and Carly Christmas 2004

Dad and Mom at Rockaway Beach 1945
Dad and Mom at Brooklyn College 1945

Early this morning I received a phone call from the hospital that Dad was doing very poorly and that maybe I should come to the hospital. I called Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary for support because it seemed like this was the end. They picked me up at 8AM, since I was too nervous to drive. We got to the hospital and went up to the ICU. My father's heart EKG was not looking good and his breathing was strained, even with the ventilator assisting him. At about 11AM he expired. The man that helped bring me into this world was gone. He touched so many lives. He will be sorely missed. We all love you Dad. Rest in peace.